Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Going to be a BIG Summer

Hi Friends!!
So, Jennifer and Becky here! Just getting settled in to our quaint little apartment in Ketchum, Idaho, cooking 1 of the 4 Food Lion mac and cheese we have left. Our flights went pretty well. We had some time to spare in the Minneapolis airport for a few self-timers (whew!). There were some temptations on the flight though, besides the $7 cocktails...BABIES. Everywhere! If we didn't already pack four suitcases worth of stuff we might have juggled with the idea of packing one up and taking them with us. Ketchum looks the same as when we left it. A few less restaurants but just as many mountains, street crossing flags, and (hopefully) LeRoy's ice cream stand right off Main St. We're borrowing a car from our landlord, Tom, and turns out it's stick shift! Yay! But it's all good because Jennifer and I are really good at things like that? We'll be getting driving lessons soon to continue our actual summer plans of driving across North America...first stop Portland, OR. This, of course, will be done in between serving at restaurants, being environmentally friendly, and late night chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Today's Shout Out Loud:
Helen Cashwell Jenkins

To a girl who's always keeping in dirty in the 919

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