Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bus Rides, Reusable Bags, and Birthdays

Well, we promised we would write a lot, so here it is. Today was a lazy day, waking up late and "tryin' to chill." Seeing that our food was limited to mac and cheese and granola bars, we decided that it was time to go grocery shopping. Still unable to drive a stick shift Jeep, we took the free city bus to the store. Buying only the necessities, like Dr. Pepper and chocolate chip cookie dough, we headed home- which consisted of waiting for the 12:50 bus. Because we are so environmentally friendly, we bought three reusable Atkinson's Market bags, which we plan on using the entire summer. Today is our friend's birthday, who we met last summer. We are planning on getting together with him and some other Roosevelt friends, who are in town, later tonight (The Roosevelt is a restaurant we worked at last summer, and hopefully again this summer). The weather today started off great, around 70 degrees and perfect, but became a little chilly with some storm clouds rolling in the afternoon. It hasn't rained yet, but it thundered earlier so who knows what may happen later. We are trying to get a P.O. Box for summer, so we will add that whenever we have it. That's pretty much it for today, nothing too exciting since we are still getting settled in.

We are going to leave you with a few facts about Ketchum and Idaho, since no one, including the two of us, know a lot about this wonderful, wonderful state.

Did you know?...
-The 2008 population for Idaho was estimated to be 1,523,816 (the population for the Raleigh-Cary Metropolitan Statistical area is estimated at 1,047,629).
-The July, 2007 population for Ketchum was 3,234 (Broughton High School has about 2200 students).
-The elevation of downtown Ketchum is 5,853 feet. Bald Mountain, a popular skiing mountain, is about 3,400 feet tall, reaching 9150 feet.
-Ketchum is in the Mountain time zone, two hours behind the time in Raleigh.
-Ernest Hemingway took his own life here and is buried in the Ketchum Cemetery (we plan on visiting that soon, so we will add pictures).

Just waiting at the bus stop.

Today's Shout Out Loud:
Marie "Dirty Girl" Forrest

The dirtiest of them all.


  1. hey marie! you you derin?
    you two are cray cray, i have not had mac and cheese in forever. is this real life?

  2. Colorado Springs to Forks:
    Total Estimated Time: 24 hours 15 minutes
    Total Estimated Distance: 1568.97 miles

    Colorado Springs to Ketchum:
    Total Estimated Time: 12 hours 41 minutes
    Total Estimated Distance: 853.20 miles

    Whats the game plan? I'm a road warrior.

  3. jajajaja the necessities choc chip cookie dough and doctor pepper...duhhh! i taught u gurls well and also 2 never get taken. miss yall already and love yall!