Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She Works Hard for the Money

Oh, employment feels good. Today, we started our job at Roosevelt--one that we had last summer. Jennifer is still serving, while Becky (one of us is going to have to talk in third person) is currently hosting.
-->J's first day at work. So proud of her! (notice how no comforters are on the beds- they are on the pullout)

Tonight showed us that it really is a small world. We are each training at the Roosevelt, just to get us back in the swing of things from last summer. Jennifer's trainer, Sarah, is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She graduated from NC State last year, with a degree in Graphic Design. As if that weren't enough, three of her tables had NC connections- an elderly couple from Raleigh flew in tonight to spend summer in Ketchum, a man from Charlotte, and a father and son from NC, with a daughter at State and another family member from Raleigh.

But we couldn't talk about today without talking about what we did yesterday. Woke up whenever the H we wanted, didn't leave the apartment until 4 (don't judge though because we've had a stint of rainy days), stopped by the library-not for the sole purpose to check out Twlight, which wasn't in yesterday but is on hold for one unnamed Forrest girl, and finally hung out with some old friends from the Roosevelt.

We've still relied pretty heavily on the city kitty because we have yet to magically wake up with the knowledge of stick shifts and actually got off of work early tonight to catch the last bus, the 8:50, back to our apartment! The good news is our friend Derek is going to help us tomorrow with the Jeep, he just doesn't know it yet.

The apartment is coming together. We put up the prayer flags, printed out some pics of our peeps on the fridge and there are just enough clothes, clean and dirty, on the floor to remind us of home.
Here's the two of us on the pullout.
Confession: We didn't spend the first night on the pull-out BUT we have been consistent ever since.

Pics from around town

Shout Out Loud
Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock-
While at work tonight, we heard the song "Picture" by Sheryl and Kid. For those of you who don't know, we happened to perform this song for karaoke on our cruise a few weeks ago. Unable to sing at work, we felt it appropriate to dedicate a few words to these great artists.

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