Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Bucket List

7. The number of full days we have left in K-town. Work is winding down, we only have a shift or two left at each restaurant and we each had a busy work weekend, but now it's chill time. We've made time for the activities on our Bucket List, fulfilling about half so far. We finally went to hot springs that were only about a half hour down our street, something we wanted to do last summer but never really got around to. We went with Rhino and Annie, to celebrate her 4-month birthday. There were a few man made pools to sit in but some parts were boiling hot, where there was no river water to cool them down.

Today, we had our most active day this summer. After meeting some friends for lunch, we successfully went hiking at Adam's Gulch. Successful, because we've tried three times before to hike this area while never finding the trail head but this time we prevailed . We finally got some good directions, leading us to the correct place. It was beautiful. There were lots of colorful wildflowers, as well as a cool little creek. We decided to take the easiest trail possible (we wouldn't want to overextend our activity level), but about 40 minutes into the trail, we noticed our trail was a little more difficult than it should be. We crossed paths into a more open and flat trail. We still are not sure which trail we actually took, but we liked our second choice a lot better. To cool down after our strenuous hike, we took a dip in the Big Wood River at Big Rock. Don't be fooled though, this is quite the activity. Just looking at the water is enough to second guess the jump but we've been putting it off all summer. And although we were in the water, oh, less than less than five seconds (don't judge, this water is coming straight down from the snowy icecaps we like to call our backyard), we got to knock it off our list. (Of course we got self-timer shots jumping into the water.) And don't worry! Our active day does not end there- we're continuing our family dinner tradition once everyone gets off of work tonight.

We still have a few items on our list, but we are quickly checking them off. We are part of the Raging Rhinos kickball team for a fundraiser kickball tournament this Saturday. Last year, we came in dead last, but this year, with the help of some Forrest-designed t-shirts, we should dominate. Saturday is also Rhino's birthday, so it should be a big day. We'll keep yall posted on the outcome of the game.


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