Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kickin' Balls and Taking Names

If you can't tell by the title, we kicked butt at the kickball tournament this past Saturday. We got there around 10am, with no other teammates around. The rest of the team arrived shortly after, just in time to watch the first two rounds. After 8 long hours of no sunscreen, scorching heat, no clouds, and the most activity we've done in years, the final game arrived. We had already beat last year's champion, but had to play them one last time. Previously undefeated, we sadly lost the game. However, a double elimination rule was applied, and we played them again. This time, we came out on top. It was probably the best birthday present Rhino could have received. Of course, the team went out to celebrate afterward.
Special thanks to Kelly and BaySix for making and sending the Raging Rhino tees to us from Raleigh!!!!

Another thing to check of the list: make a big scene when we quit Cristina's yesterday. JK. But really, our last day was yesterday and it was great. We strolled in around 12:00, aka wheneva we wanted to, and finished our last job here in Ketchum, Idaho for the summer. I know the next question-where's the pic with our girl Cristina, but no worries, we're going to get it Thursday before we head to BOIse on our way home.

It's weird that summer's already wrapping up. UGH. Leaving Ketchum, then back to school but there are still adventures to be had, friends to say goodbye to, and ice cream to be eaten at LeRoy's.



First of all...sup girl! Our sexy third sister may be a little blonder and have a few more kids than us, but she's still keepin' it jiggy in Raleigh without us. Can't wait to reunite and take too long on your lunch break with you!!!!

Maggie Fitz!
The second oldest member of Smedes is turning 21 tomorrow!

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