Monday, July 6, 2009

Memories Made, Memories Crushed

Finally, she left. And fortunately/hopefully doesn't read the blog.
JK Boo. It was a sad day, this past Thursday, when our little aunt Amber left Ketchum. We weren't the only ones upset, either.
Amber--If you're reading this, the option is still open to live in Rhino's basement and it's not a bad spot.
We just hope she got enough TV time on that particularly double-shift working day Jennifer and I had on Tuesday. We got in one more hike around town and a scary encounter with Cristina, herself, before Amber left us for the east coast. We then went into mourning by stocking up that drink that cures all sadness-Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Town's been getting a lot more busy with Allen & Co here this week. Allen & Co. is basically a week long convention bringing in a lot of wealthy people and a lot of business for town. It's pretty exciting to see town buzzing as much as it is but it makes work a lot more hectic.

And we still have the automatic! We also still have plans to travel to the Tetons and Montana in the automatic, even though Tom hasn't necessarily approved the interstate adventure. Nothing advanced rent and a plate of cookies can't persuade.


Mallory and Gretchen!

You may be wondering, "Why are these girl's eyes blacked out?" Well, that, my friends is the work of broken promises. Yes, these "friends" of ours have decided to stay in Cary rather than visit the beautiful Ketchum, but that's okay because they got what they probably wanted; and that was a Shout out on our blog, and, boy, did they get a shout out.
Note to self: mess with the Forrest girls and you may get (a forest fire) BURNED.

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