Monday, June 29, 2009

the B. A. j. spot

No, that doesn't stand for the Bad. Ass. Jeep. we borrowed for the weekend (see picture below). Amberbock is in the houseee and we've been busy cruz timing, hiking with Annie (the new addition to our friend, Rhino's, family), and taking our annual shopping trip to BOIse. Seeing that Jennifer and I are still newbies to the stick shift, our landlord Tom didn't hesitate to let us borrow their 2007 Jeep Wrangler Sahara edition for the weekend while they went to the lake, a.k.a. LOVE.

This is Annie and Rhino.

Mom, Dad if you're listening, we would come back from school everyday to vacuum the living room just to have this car and Christmas is right around the corner so...
We have yet to contact Tom about trading back the Red Devil.

We also have made our summer complete: a trip to Leroy's ice cream stand, aka a little piece of heaven. This was one of Becky's summer job options, but the scoop season picks up in August, right when we are leaving. Huge bummer. However, we did manage to take some pictures to document our first scoop of the year.

Here are some pictures from our hike to our favorite spot on Dollar Mountain with a nice view of town.

BOIse was a success. We spent around five hours in the capital city, only to enter two stores: Anthropology and Urban Outfitters for all the curious girls out there.
We also made time for a self-timer, right before someone offered to take a more normal approach to snapping memories.

Eugine Levy has been around Cristina's the past two weeks. Naturally, he asked about my hand modeling and gave me some contacts, but I explained my dedication to the restaurant and how I couldn't stand to hear the disappointment in Cristina's Italian accent if she knew I took another day job.
Summer Goal: Get a pic with Cristina herself, throwing up the double peace signs.



Brittany and Katie!!!
Our babies are growing up! Heading to 4th grade and middle school, where did the time go? We miss you and wish we could be there for Brit's graduation and to chill with Katie at graduation but there's always high school right? LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!


  1. oh my god. i love this post in and out. the dog of course is presh. but can we get this picture of these vogue chicks framed in our house. yes please

  2. ps- baby j where did you get those shoes? i want them

  3. Becky!

    Man, I completely forgot that you went back to my homeland. Well, you officially made me nostalgic for the days of my youth and if you ever head out that way again... I'm coming with you! I'll be your tour guide.


    PS--Good job NOT coming to the YWFWI reunion over Christmas break. My heart shrunk three sizes that day.