Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awww HAIL Naw!

If you can't tell by today's title, we had a little bit of hail today. The weather was nice in the morning, but on our way back home (yes, on the bus) it started to rain, and then hail. However, we were able to run all of our errands before the weather rained on our parade. We went to the library, for the sole reason to get Twilight, for some still unnamed Forrest girl. After that, we went to Cristina's to meet with a manager and get us on the next week's schedule. We are not sure how much we will be working, but are glad to be making that money. Our final errand was to get a PO Box, so all of you can send in your mass fan mail.

Jennifer and Becky Forrest
PO Box 4141
Ketchum, ID 83340

(If you need help remembering it, just think of Becky's favorite band, SUM 41).

Keep the Car Running
Our biggest challenge so far, and possibly of the entire summer, was learning how to drive the manual Jeep. Our friend Derek was brave enough to risk his life and show us the basics for a few hours today. We were doing fairly well, until the hill challenge. Don't be fooled, this is harder than it sounds. Stopping on a hill is quite possibly the scariest task we have faced in a long time, and of course, both sides of our street have the steepest hills that we have to conquer every time we want to get on the main street, which is basically every day. We can only hope that practice will make us better, without damaging the Jeep or anyone else's car in the process. After two hours of grueling driving practice, we rewarded ourselves with a self-timed picture of us and Baby J. So, if you see us be-bopping around town in the red Baby J, shout us a holla.

Today's Shout Out Loud:
John Williard

As the first person to send us mail, we feel that he deserves a special shout-out.

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  1. does this mean i dont have to read your blog anymore since ive already got my shoutout?