Friday, June 5, 2009

The Dashboard Melted but We Still had the Radio

It has certainly been a long two days. Yes, people, we are talking about the stick shift. Not only are we put up with the challenge of learning from scratch the art of the stick shift, but we are limited to just the radio :(. Try turning the station, while texting and applying mascara all while manually changing gears! Whew (just kidding dad)! But we do love our little Red Devil. One of the best stories to come out of our Jeep happened today when I (Becky here!) was driving home from work. I parked on a slight incline again (whoops!) and of course that means a tricky reverse dance one must preform. In my defense, it was rainy so that highly exaggerated the "skurrrtttttt" noise that slipped from the tires surely didn't scare the car that wanted my parking spot as bad as it did me. Not to mention my five minute stall sesh while turning on to Main St. Oh, but, hopefully practice makes perfect, or at least less impact on the engine.
(this pic is from our first successfuly, non-stall drive to work the other day)

And another person rep-ing N.C. There's another hostess at the Rosey who just graduated from Duke. So, yay!

To rap up the post, there was a celebrity siting tonight! For all those Justin Timberlake fans, he wasn't in Ketchum. But, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore and fam were there. While waiting to enter the movie, Jennifer noticed Ash out of the corner of her eye, only to turn to me and exclaim, "Hey, that guy looks like Ashton Kutcher!" "Ummm, duh"...I responed, "It is." Some people just don't know how to spot a celeb. Either way it was super weird. But check out The Hangover. It was pretty funny.

Shout Out Loud:

Papa George

We've put this man through a lot, ranging from cross country road trips, Buttah face jokes, and terrifying voicemails about our love for him after driving the stick so here's to Dad. Love you pops.

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