Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cristina's Next Top Models

Yall thought Tyra was fierce. Ha. I laugh in the face of the upscale breakfast and lunch restaurant that Jennifer and I work at (always behind the owner's back, of course). The other day at work a photographer came in from Endless Vacation, a travel magazine, and took pictures around the restaurant--people serving food, people eating food, Becky hand modeling cookies. I got stuck with the job when I was running someone else's food to the photographer and he wanted me to serve him the food again, and again, and one more again, to get the perfect shot of his appetizer. He proceeded to ask me to walk while holding a plate of food and cookies, all the while smiling. For those of you who don't know, Big Girl Becky doesn't just hold food, she eats it. Poor me had to stare at this food and smile while posing for this cat. In the end, it was just a very awkward photo shoot; it should be noted that most of my photo shoots are a little more natural and filling. Cristina did make sure to give me some pointers, as it was her restaurant I was representing-you know, stand up straight, fix your apron, suck in your stomach. But I know it was all said out of love, and that's why I ate one of those cookies when we were done taking pictures, and continue to "borrow" at least one cookie a day before I leave work.

Other news from Ketchum is the weather is B.E.A.U.tiful. We haven't had too much play time though with work and catching up with sleep from work but it's been a lot more enjoyable than the dozens of days of rain we've finally survived. The car is still quite the tension breaker. Even when we're pissed that we keep stalling on Main St. in front of tons of cars, even ones that have fingers pointing at us in laughter, the bottom line is it's funny. And we still love her. Just sometimes we need breaks from each other, like any other relationship.

We've also kept up the tradition of having family dinner every week with some work peeps. Here's us at our friend Taylor's house enjoying steak, corn on the cob, and croissants modeling Sun Valley.

Today's Shout Out Loud
All the Babies' Daddies.
Yeahhhhhh, that's right. Although a few days late, we are few shy of celebrating and honoring one of America's capitalist-invented holiday's giving children everywhere reasons to spend money for involuntarily being brought into this world. Yay Dads!

Because his baby's momma is a lucky, lucky mortal.

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