Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not so Much Sun in the Valley

RAIN. Everywhere. Everyday.
Actually, it has only not rained for one day- this past Sunday. No worries, we took advantage of the good weather. We met our friend Henry at Java, a little coffee shop in town, then hiked Dollar Mountain. Don't be fooled- Dollar Mountain is still big, just not nearly the size of Bald Mountain. Despite the size, we still found it a tad bit difficult to reach our favorite look-out spot, but we are blaming this on the altitude. From these rocks, we have a perfect view of all of Ketchum (we didn't have our camera with us, but we are going back and will be sure to post pictures).

But with both restaurants, Christina's and the Roosevelt, we are keeping busy, making that mons. Jennifer is serving at both restaurants, while I am hosting at Rosey and still in training for Christina's. I'm pretty sure she loves me, despite my complete lack of knowledge of the menu, the roadblock I seem to form behind the counter, and the awkwardness I can only radiate by now. Becky is able to appreciate a double shift these days, as this week is full of them for both of us. Looking back on last week, we can really appreciate our lazy days.

The Jeep is going pretty well. We're still having a few stall outs and skurches here and there but I think we both appreciate a good automatic now.

So for now, we're just waiting for Saturday when we both have off for some chill time and hopefully a little more sunshine.

Today's Shout Out Loud
Amber Forrest
Our fist official visitor to Sun Valley (coming later this month)!

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