Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gas Money-$30; 2 Cases of Wild Cherry Pepsi-$7.50; Spending More Money Than We Have at Twin-Priceless

Alright. Stop it you guys. Endless emails insisting we update the blog, infinite amounts of comments on our page begging for new stories, harassing facebook wall posts threatening to de-friend us if we don't make you this post's Shout Out Loud. It's exhausting.

So back by popular demand, our blog continues...

The rain has been pretty consistent since we've got here. We even lost power on Friday night due to a thunder storm, losing power in the apartment and around town, including the Roosevelt. It couldn't have happened at a worse time, with Friday being the night most restaurants in town were hosting a very expensive wine matching, multiple course dinner. Luckily, the Roosevelt had already started serving dessert by time the power went out, but Christina's wasn't so lucky. It was all good though; everyone made do by adapting to a more romantic, candle lit evening. Becky was working at the Roosevelt, while I had the night off. As soon as the power went off at the apartment, I hopped on the soonest bus to get to civilization, only to find out that half of Ketchum also lost power. Hanging out in a dark restaurant with other people beat staying alone in a dark apartment. Of course ghost stories were told, but luckily our power came back on only a few minutes after returning home for the night, so we weren't too freaked out for long.

Work has been picking up, but our nights have been slowing down. With the deck being closed at the Roosevelt, we have been called off multiple nights now. It's a Catch-22: we like having the nights off, but we definitely could use the money (especially after today's little shopping spree). It's been relaxing though, as we are scheduled for a few double shifts, so it's nice to realize that we have the night off after working all day at Cristina's.

Other than working and hanging out with friends, we have laid pretty low the past few days. Today was our first big adventure- Twin Falls, Idaho. The hour and a half drive opens doors to cities larger than 4,000 people, fast food restaurants, actual traffic, and more than two stop lights. The drive was pretty painless and successful, with only a few minor mishaps (stalling out right at our street and forgetting which gear the car was in, just to name a few). No worries, we made it home in one piece- both of us and the car. You may be thinking, "Why do they need to go to Twin?" Well, three words- Old Navy and Target. Besides the obvious reasons for needing to go to these stores, we decided that it would be a lot cheaper to stock up on the necessities for cheaper prices than paying more for them at the local market. These "necessities" include two packs of Wild Cherry Pepsi, Pringles, Oreos, and a few pieces of essential clothing. We only spent about three hours in Twin, but we loved every minute of it. We are debating on whether or not to bring Amber to this wonderful place, although we are more bias towards Boise, our 2nd favorite place in Idaho.

Here are some great images of the hour and a half drive from Ketchum to Twin Falls:

(Yes, we realize that these pictures are of the sky, fields, and mountains, but those are the only things to look at during the drive. Seriously, I think we only passed through two, maybe three, towns the whole time).

Other pictures from around town:

Beside: B driving the Red Devil, sans hands. She thinks she can do what she wants; B with a Sun Valley Sunset.

Below: Playing with the street crossing flags- one of our favorite pastimes.

All in all, life is still great in 'daho. Until then, "PEACE Y'ALL!"

Today's Shout Out Loud

Katie Fey, the Birthday Girl

Her birthday was yesterday, but knowing my Kittay, she will not be upset my tardiness.

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